Online Divorce in Wyoming

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When you use, we help you fill out your divorce paperwork utilizing a simple online questionnaire. You can fill it out alone or with the help of your partner. Then, you will have to get a signature from your own spouse and you may file the divorce forms with your local court. In Wyoming, you will typically file with the courthouse in the county where you currently reside. If a petitioner isn't currently a resident, but a defendant is, divorce is typically filed in the county where in fact the defendant resides.

The actual filing process is explained inside our detailed court-filing instructions that people provide together with your completed divorce forms. You may also obtain assistance from your neighborhood courthouse by calling or visiting.

Following the initial filing, you may want to follow-up if there are any problems with your documents. By using, we enable you to make small adjustments to your forms as requested by the court at no additional charge. Our goal is to help you obtain your divorce with as little hassle and stress as possible using our online divorce documents preparation service.


Every state has specific requirements where divorcing couples must establish residency within the state they are divorcing. Wyoming is no exception.

o file for divorce in Wyoming, the spouse who files must be a resident of the state for at least sixty days before filing. If the marriage was conducted in the state and the spouse who files resides in state until the day that the divorce is final, there is absolutely no official residency requirements.

There are many methods to prove that residency has been established. The simplest way is if one or both spouses have a valid and in-date Wyoming driver’s license, ID card or voter’s registration card that was issued at least half a year before filing for divorce. If this is not the case, it might be possible to determine residency, by having somebody who knows you or your spouse testify which you have lived in the state for at least half a year. Additionally, it might be possible to use an Affidavit of Corroborating Witness form, and it will serve as proof you’ve lived in the state a minimum of six months.

Valid grounds to get divorce in Wyoming

Grounds for an online divorce using are the same as they might be for just about any divorce within the State of Wyoming. Grounds are merely the reason for divorce, and the state must approve them.

The State of Wyoming recognizes two distinct known reasons for a divorce. One is a no-fault grounds, the other is known as at-fault These reasons or grounds include:

  • Irreconcilable Differences - Filing under these grounds will be the most typical reason for a divorce. Irreconcilable distinctions is a valid grounds for divorce if the two parties concur that they no more desire to be married or can be utilized there is a a lot more serious reason they can not be married.
  • There is confinement for incurable insanity for just two or more years. In this case, the confinement must been documented for at least two years before filing for the divorce. Filing under this grounds requires proof, making it a far more challenging option than filing under irreconcilable differences.

Custody of the kid in Wyoming

In Wyoming cases of divorce, the court can choose to award either joint or sole custody to either parent or both parents. The state of Wyoming defines the word joint legal custody not as who gets the child in his / her possession but instead as as a form of “shared parental responsibility,” and joint custody is recognized and supported as better sole custody when it's in the very best interest of the child or children. Joint custody does not imply that both parents spend the same time with the kid or children. Parents are given fair and equal consideration when determining custody and no preference is given to one parent versus the other predicated on gender.

In Wyoming, the court will most likely approve any agreement the parents make regarding custody, so long as it really is in the very best interests of the kid or children. As such, it may be good for the spouses to interact and draft a custody agreement before filing for divorce. This may save time and will ensure that the resulting plan is a thing that can be agreed after by both spouses.

If the court must choose custody lacking any agreement in place it could be granted predicated on what will be in the best interests of the kid according to factors such as these:

  • The parent who's most likely to allow the child to have frequent and meaningful connection with the non-custodial parent and other family members;
  • Any already-establish love, affection, and emotional ties between parents and the kid or children;
  • The power and desire of the parents to supply the kid with food, health care, clothing or remedial care, and other material and physical needs;
  • The length of time the kid has lived in a home which includes proven to become a stable, satisfactory environment which includes the methods to of maintaining continuity;
  • The permanence or assumed permanence, as a family group, of the prevailing or proposed custodial home of either of the parents;
  • The presumed mental, physical and moral wellness of the parents;
  • The ongoing home, school, and community records of the kid or children;
  • If the kid is old enough expressing a preference, his / her choice in the matters;
  • The willing­ness of both parents to foster a continued relationship with the other parent--whether or not they're spending any moment as a custodial influence in the child’s life;
  • Any evidence that one or both parents have lied or supplied any false testimony to the court in almost any matter involving domestic violence;
  • Whether any evidence exists to aid a claim of child or spousal abuse;
  • Other relevant factors. Although other pertinent factors could be considered, the parents’ genders will never be regarded as a determining factor in choosing custody arrangements;
  • If possible, the courts will continue to work with the parents and their wishes for a custody agreement. Working together to create an agreeable anticipate your own before the court would decide is always a good idea as the court will strongly consider any proposal the parents come up with as they are making their custody decisions. Although having an agreed after arrange for custody is encouraged, Wyoming will not require the official, in-writing parenting plan or any parenting education classes be completed before divorcing.

Rules for child support in Wyoming

Wyoming has placed into place specific state-mandated child support guidelines which apply in nearly every case, barring special circumstances. With this, both parties’ gross incomes and certain child related expenses are considered when calculating the child support obligation. In almost all of cases, child support payments continue before child reaches eighteen years, and will extend until the completion of the child or children’s secondary education.

A number of the specific factors for consideration for which support guidelines could be adjusted include:

  • Out of the ordinary medical, educational, psychological, or dental expenses (either on a one-time basis or ongoing);
  • The existence of income of the kid or children;
  • The custodial parent is obtaining both child support and spousal support (alimony);
  • Seasonal or other variations in a single or both parents’ income or expenses;
  • The age of the kid or children, with the expectation that teenagers could have more expenses than younger;
  • Special needs of the children or the family;
  • Terms put into writing of a shared parental arrangement;
  • The total assets of both the parents and the kid;
  • The impact of the IRS Dependency Exemption on the parent’s taxes;
  • Any other reasonable consideration to help make the child support payments equitable; and
  • If the kid support guidelines would require the supporting spouse to pay 55% or even more of her or his personal income toward such a cost.

As an email, medical care insurance for the kid and life insurance coverage that covers the life of the parent who pays support could be a requirement of the court and payments for child support can often be necessary to be funded through a protected state bank.

Uncontested Wyoming divorce with children

Save additional time for your kids - complete your divorce papers online

Rules for spousal support in Wyoming

Alimony, generally known as spousal support, is sometimes ordered by the court to greatly help one spouse stay in a way established during marriage following the divorce. Support could be decided after by the couple together ahead of filing or could be awarded by the court in a contested case. The court may award rehabilitative (short-term) or a more everlasting alimony to either of the spouses in either lump-sum payments or as monthly/yearly payments or both. Adultery can often be one factor in awarding support. This ensures that if one spouse was considered to “cause” the divorce via an extra-marital affair, they might be less inclined to be awarded alimony or it can change the total amount that might be granted by the court. Other factors which are believed in the awarding of spousal support are:

  • The time had a need to obtain education and/or training that could permit a spouse to find appropriate employment and that spouse’s future capacity to earn a living in such a job;
  • The standard of liv­ing that was established before the marriage;
  • The space of the marriage;
  • The money of the spouses compared to one another. Resources would include their earning talents in the labor market;
  • The contribution that every spouse makes to the marriage, including services rendered in the workforce, homemaking, childcare, care of other members of the family, education, and assisting to build the career of the other spouse;
  • The ages of each of the spouses currently and during marriage;
  • The emotional and physical wellbeing of the spouses;
  • Each spouse’s marital and non-marital assets and liabilities;
  • Other factors that your court deems essential to make such a decision.

Please note that alimony payments could be ordered to be paid through a state depository sometimes.

Property division in Wyoming

Whenever a couple chooses to divorce in Wyoming, they need to distribute property in a good and agreeable manner. Legally, Wyoming is known as to be an “equitable distribution” state. Each spouse’s non-marital property is usually to be retained by each spouse. Non-marital property is regarded as to be all property that was acquired prior to the marriage, property received as a gift or inheritance, and any property declared to be non-marital according to a written agree­ment contracted between the spouses. After the non-marital property is defined aside, the court is required to get started property distribution with the premise that marital property should be equally divided. This distribution depends on the following factors:

  • The financial (and other) circumstances of every of both spouses at that time the division of property is to be effective;
  • How and by whom the property was acquired;
  • The merits that every spouse may have;
  • The financial and other burdens that would be imposed after either spouse for the benefit for any children or the other spouse; and
  • Any other reasonable factor essential to assure equity and justice between the two spouses. [Wyoming Statutes Annotated--Title 20, Chapter 20-2-114].

Mediation support in Wyoming

Divorce mediation is an option in a few cases of divorce in Wyoming. If a divorce is pending, either party can file a motion to request mediation of every disputed issues. The parties may tend to submit some or all their issues to the mediator before to the start of divorce proceedings to ensure that the divorce can check out the court on an uncontested basis.

For those seeking to prepare their divorce papers using, utilizing divorce mediation could be a great tool to smooth out disagreements and prevent the case from going to court. This can be the easiest way to make sure a fast, easy and affordable online divorce.

Divorce forms in Wyoming

Wyoming forms made by are court approved divorce forms. We have automated the procedure of filling them out to simplify matters and avoid any difficulties which might occur with filling out paperwork alone. Through the use of, you can simplify the procedure of preparing divorce documents and help both parties to move forward with their lives.

Filing service fees for divorce in Wyoming

When you file your divorce papers, the court will charge filing service fees that may vary by county. These costs are in addition to the expense of using Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount.

How long does it take?

The make use of the service often takes between 30 minutes and two hours or even more according to the complexity of your case. You’ll start filling in the questionnaire immediately and can either complete it in one sitting, or you can save your progress and complete it at a later time if that is more convenient for you.

Once you’ve gotten the documents complete, you need to file them and get your spouse’s signature. You’ll have significantly more information about the finalization of your divorce process once you complete your paperwork and submit it with the clerk of courts.

Here's how makes completing divorce papers easier:

  • We offer the full divorce packet required by the neighborhood court - clients need not drive to their local courthouse to have the blank forms or seek out the right divorce forms online. In rare circumstances, local county forms may differ in color, paper material, size, or bar code, so they may must be obtained directly from the county clerk's office.
  • We complete the required forms for clients predicated on their answers given in a straightforward guided online interview - clients do not need to understand family law or go through complicated instructions to determine how to complete the forms themselves.
  • We give detailed, simple to follow step-by-step instructions for filing a divorce with the court - therefore the client knows exactly what to do to get his/her divorce finalized.
  • We offer unlimited technical support - if a customer needs assistance through the web process, he/she can always get in touch with us via phone, email, or live chat, and we'll do our better to help.
  • We save our clients money and time - if divorcing spouses agree about the terms of their divorce, they typically don’t need to pay thousands to a attorney to handle their divorce forms and do not have to spend hours trying to accomplish it all by themselves.
  • We guarantee 100% court approval on divorce papers prepared through our website or your cash back - we have twenty years of experience in completing divorce forms so clients can make certain the court encourage their documents without issues.

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